About UFMI

Uganda Federation of Movie Industry

UFMI [Uganda Federation of Movie Industry] is a member based Copyright management organization thus a copyright collecting agency or a copyright Collective Management Organization; a body created by copyright law to engage in collective rights management of film Industry in Uganda with authority to license copyrighted works and collect royalties as part of the compulsory licensing or individual licenses negotiated on behalf of its members. In other words, UFMI is charged with collecting royalty payments from users of copyrighted works and distribute royalties to copyright owners.

Building a professional, productive and progressive film industry in Uganda.

Developing qualitative and quantitative production of cinematography in Uganda for Sustainable development.

Formed in 2006 as a company limited by guarantee; UFMI registered as an NGO on 18th Dec. 2008 and on the 24th of July 2009 on application and fulfilling all the requirements, UFMI was declared a “Collective Management Organization” of the Film Industry in Uganda. And as a fully registered Collecting Society, UFMI held her 1st ever General Assembly on 11 January 2010 and a Special Annual General meeting on the 20th of January 2011 to usher in the new elected Executive body.

Collective management organizations are long and internationally established solutions which are the exercise of copyright by organization(s) acting collectively in the interests and on behalf of the Copyright owners. Collecting Societies accordingly form an important link between rights owners and users of copyrightable works. Today; the Government of Uganda recognizes these Collecting Societies as legally constituted Collecting Societies in Uganda.

Collecting Societies give special volume based discounts when negotiated by trade associations on behalf of their members, for example, Karaoke, hotel and shopping complex associations. Many users belonging to these trade associations have been enjoying discounted tariffs since 1990. Copyright is a private right belonging to the right holders. It is the right holders who decide the rates. Governments as a matter of principle respect private rights and do not interfere by fixing the rates.

In Uganda, the music & video products rights owners have formed the following Collecting Societies:
Name: Uganda Performing Rights Society [UPRS]
Members: Musician
Works Represented: Audio & Sound products
Website: www.uprs.biz

Name: Uganda Federation of Movie Industry [UFMI
Members: Film Makers
Works Represented: Audio visual products

Website: ufmi.blogspot.com

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